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Mandalorians are an ancient culture of warriors from all species and walks of life who unite under a common set of core beliefs, the resol'nare. They wear armour, called Beskar'gam, which instantly identifies them as Mandalorian. Combat is essential to Mandalorian life; they constantly hone their skills in battle in order to work as mercenaries, bounty hunters, bodyguards etc to provide for their clan, or protect it if necessary. Mando'ade, like their culture, are highly resilient - they have survived countless extermination attempts over the millenia, including temporary disarming by Revan in 3960 BBY and a Republic-led 'annihilation' of Manda'yaim in 738 BBY, known to aruetiise as the 'Mandalorian excision'

Welcome to the home page of the Mandalorian Guild, or Mando Ver'verd'tsad in Mando'a. We are an organisation of Mando'ade from all walks of life, and a range of different professions, who have united under a sole leader (Mand'alor) in order to defend our honour and culture at all costs. We are always looking for potential new Supercommandos -- Ori'ramikade -- to continue our legacy and traditions. For more information, head to the Info page.

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This site also features a forum for both discussion of game topics and general conversation. We are currently working on implementing a chat room to the site as well - watch this space!

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